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Here's Just a Small Snapshot of Some of What You'll Discover as you Experience 'The Final Mastermind' to Transform Your Mindset & Knowledge & Set Yourself Up for Exponential Business Growth & the Freedom Associated with Advanced Lifestyle Design

1. Vision, Goals & Freedom

- How to get from where you are right now to want to go
- Overcoming the hurdles on the way
- The difference between those who make it and those who don't
- Building 'Coolness Factor' into your business

3. Business Vehicles & Leverage

- Crucial to your success - choosing winning markets & products
- Set yourself up for lifestyle design with the business model freedom scale
- Leverage & how to exponentially scale a business
- Hacks to get more stuff done in the same amount of time

5. Cost Effective Leads

- The 4 magic words that have captured more leads than anything else
- High converting landing page design essentials
- Always be building the list - the types and their priorities
- The exponential nurture effect and its affect on automating your income

7. Scale Traffic

- How to link your traffic with the stage of buying intent for warming traffic & converting more leads to sales
- The 'Coal Diamond' optimization method and what separates the professionals from the amateurs
- Reverse engineer your competition to model their winning ads, landing pages and funnels
- The 2 biggest cash spewing money machines right now

9. Investing, Health & Happiness

- Engineer true 'success' with healthy mind, body & spirit. 80/20 of what really works for the Entrepreneur
- Why most people end up broke in retirement & how to avoid that common problem
- 'The Golden Goose Checkmate Move' and why focusing just on business without knowing this will cost you big time

2. Success Mindset & Emotions

- 10 Mindset Essentials for creating success & freedom
- Developing emotional intelligence so you don't sabotage yourself
- The winning combination of mindset, emotion, strategy, skills & tools

4. Lead With Value

- The system for getting your market to know, like and trust you
- Balancing branding & direct response for short term cash & winning the game long term
- The #1 most profitable traffic strategy that the more you do this the more money you will make

6. Skyrocket Sales

- The must know only 3 ways to grow any business and how to use it to maximize profits
- Convert more leads to customers with these 11 conversion optimizer's
- The 5 Main types of Sales Funnel & which to use when
- The next big thing in Marketing and how to give yourself a significant competitive advantage

8. Engineer Profit & Cash

- The Profit Wedge & how to double the profit of any business systematically
- The little known 5 Financial levers you need to know how to push and pull to engineer more profit and cash
- A Business Masterclass: The Business Profit Accelerator Method.  The 10 Levers to become like a puppet master and scale any businesses profit & cash

10. Your Dream Life By Design

- The 7 steps of 'The Complete Entrepreneurs Journey' and seeing the roadmap of what is next for you
- You can have it all - 10 steps to engineer your dream life by design formulaic
- Work hard, play hard and enjoying the journey.  The essentials for living a great story and creating the freedom you want and deserve

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Watch the full 'Final Mastermind' (that was recorded live to a standing ovation) as many times as you like for 7 days. This will re-program the way you think about business, marketing & lifestyle design forever.  In the unlikely event that you didn't get amazing value from it simply reply to the email we sent you and let us know and we will ensure you don't get a single cent charged to your card for the investment in your mindset & education

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Your Next Steps - Choose the Option Below That Works Best For You (100% Risk Free)

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